System Software Engineer

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תיאור המשרה


Responsible for guidance and leadership of software teams throughout the project lifecycle, from defining requirements, building designs, conducting surveys, implementing all software components in the system, testing, transferring to production, and delivering the project to the customer.
This is a challenging, dynamic, interesting, diverse, and highly impactful role that involves working closely with the leading developers of the systems developed at the company.
If you are an experienced Embedded developer looking to advance to the next level as a system engineer and lead the project from end to end, this is the role for you.

At least 5 years of experience in Embedded software development
Experience working with multidisciplinary systems
Proven experience working with Linux or VxWorks operating systems Experience in system engineering/project management/leading the development of software-based systems
Experience leading a software team – significant advantage
Experience in leading and performing integrations between multiple computer systems – significant advantage.
Bachelor's degree in Computer Science/Software Engineering/Computer Engineering

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